So here we are again, we have taken some days off to set the last things about our new BLOG but now we are ready to start anew!

Who are you? That would be your question right now, so, well, we are two guys with the biggest wanderlust and we love to share our experiences. We are fascinated by mountains and nature, by roadtrips and people met wherever in the world, by whatever can make us grow and enrich us.

Our need of travelling is often tuned by the notes and lyrics of Unthought Known, a Pearl Jam song which inspired us and from which we were inspired to begin our new adventure with this blog: travel and share our best moments, but the worse too, with whoever would like to stop for just some moments from the daily routine.

Just so you know what we are talking about, here are some verses:

“Feel the path of every day
Which road you taking?
Breathing hard, making hay
Yeah, this is living.”

Reading our articles, you will find a lot of pictures, each one of them taken during our adventures all over the world, while on Flickr you will find all the others that doesn’t fit in our articles.

The articles are divided into categories:

  • Trekkings: our treks all over the Cottian Alps (as now 😀 soon we would enlarge our horizons), mostly Monte Thabor, our first 3.000 meters peak;
  • Travels and road trips: is still a section under construction, but we are working hard on various project, among which our summer road trip in Western Europe, a weekend spent in Ireland and Morocco, where we have already planned a short december break;
  • …and everything else: this section too is under construction, but will be soon filled by our friends of Havana Vela with whom we have spent a beautiful maritime weekend and the story about the Torino Photo Marathon 2014 and…all of our bizarre experience that we plan along the way!

So, you have a lot to read before getting bored. We will always be here to hear about your advices on how to improve the page and why not, to advice you on some cool travel and adventure. We love meet new people and also some chit-chat is more than welcome and totally enhoyable.

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A.P. & A.P.


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