Travel’s Diary

We had a long and well earned rest this night, we woke up with no rush to be ready for the ten o’clock appointment after a good breakfast. Our one is a fast one, just a coffee and some cookies at the gas station and we are a little disappointed about our friends delay, but just because we have such a little time here in Ireland.

Anyway, they arrive and our day starts!

No ferries nor buses today, just a little bit more than an hour by car, through the narrow and curvy irish roads, which have incredibly high speed limits, agains all the common sense – they suggest a really competition, with hairpin turns, at about 100 km/h, foolish!

Slowly and not experimenting this crazy irish limits, we drive under an incredibly clear sky, towards the famous Cliffs of Moher and after an hour more or less, spent between grazes and hills, here we are!

Green and blue…is such a strange sensation, we miss the high mountains that usually sourround us, but all this green and blue in which we are dip into are so strong and relaxing that our lack is fastly forgotten.

We begin to walk on the obliged path which run all alongh the coast, on the edge of the cliff, up to the outstanding height of 214 meters.

Cliffs of Moher

Green and blue, the colours of calm and relax

We aim first at the lowest part of these eight kilometers  cliff, taking it easy.

There are a lot of tourists, but the place is so wide and huge that you don’t feel that usual sensasation of oppression, given from the crowdy touristic places. People are spread here and there, some alone, others in small groups, some others in crowds. The sport of the day, obviously, is the research of the most captivating picture: someone is jumping off the enclosures and is sticking out on the edge of the cliff – ourselves first! – and the ubiquitous guards, well concealed in the crowd, are immediately whistling at us, shouting to come back.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. “

Henry David Thoreau

Some other groups, instead, are just having their picnic in the sun, lying on the green grass, while other more are just sticked at the enclosures, incapable not to watch at the show of the sea down there.

Cliffs of Moher

Tiny girls on top of the cliffs

As for us, we dip completely in this marvellous place so similar to some of those tales I love so much, the one set in ancient times, right in these places, when druids and magic were determinating life and death, when these cliffs were rarely walked and not from tourist for sure.

We let the sun cuddle us, along with the vivid colours and the wind which blows every sound away, and we just stay here, still, amazed by this place.

Cliffs of Moher

A blue cap to honour the dominating colour of the day

It is really hard to describe the hours spent in this place, the peace and calm that it is giving us is similar to the feeling we have gaining the top of a high mountain, even if the flatness change the sensation.

We walk a lot along the path, until we arrive at the boundary of the surveilled zone. Then we go on beyon the limit, in the grazing of some shepherd, where the enclosures are replaced by a lonley sign, which is givin advice to be careful and that beyond that sign it is up to you of taking the risk, since the terrain is crumbly.

Cliffs of Moher

An unafraid man dressed in blue enjoys the panorama, on top of a 200 mt cliff

In the end, we arrive at the highest point of the Cliffs of Moher, where cliff is more than 200 meters high.

We try and copy the most reckless in the attempt to have a picture just on the limit of the suspended rock, sit there with our legs hanging on emptiness, but even if none of us suffers of vertigo, everybody’s legs are trembling and little by little we crawl towards the edge, not properly gaining it.

Cliffs of Moher

Fiona, reckeless while she tries to gain the edge

We enjoy some relax time and in the little while our photographer turn from his camera, for once, I do enjoy the feeling of not being the subject but the photographer. Even him reckless and fearless as he is, can’t gain the really edge, he can go really close, but sticking out is another matter – and is dangerous too, don’t try this at home!

Cliffs of Moher

Attilio, rarely being photographed

And then it is time to come back to the cars, an hour driving is waiting for us and since we did not had lunch, the long walk is becoming to make us hungry.

We enjoy the last minutes of deep peace that this place gives us, slightly chatting, while we come back on our steps, dip in the green which is dip in the vivid blue.

Cliffs of Moher

Green fields sourrounded by strong blue sky and sea

“I travel not togo anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

 Lao Tzu

In the distance we can glimpse the low cliffs that we visited yesterday, the Aran Islands.

Cliffs of Moher

Aran Islands on the horizon

Just before exit, we try to go on top of the observation tower, but these few meters do not value the price of the ticket -they are just some meter, a little stair inside and nothing more, not so interesting – so we just hang there and watch the typical tourists taking selfies from up above, as if it were possible to add something at the amazing landscape from down here.

Cliffs of Moher

Selfies from the observation tower

We take the exit boulevard, which turns towards the inner land, getting away from the sea and coming closer to the grazings, which are full of these white furry cows, with their peculiar curly fur on the back. They are so cute, cuter than ours brown ones – are they tastier too? who knows!

Cliffs of Moher

White furry cows dot the grazings

The only lack of this visit are the Puffins. On the leaflet we have taken is written that they can be spotted sometimes, on the opposite part of the cliff from where we had been.

We decided not to go down there since it was a long road, but the doubt about this missed encounter still stays. We just get comfort about the seals met yesterday.

Now is time to come back in Galway, to taste our last irish meal, the well-known fish & chips, severly on a fried-codfish basis, just delicious!


Irish fish & chips with codfish

Our adventure, sadly, is finishing here. A little bit too fast maybe, but it is ok anyway. It remains the will of coming back and seeing all the other beautiful things this land has to show, the happiness of this reunion with these girls I casually met on a summer vacation, that kind of friendship that usually ends when one has come back home. We have had our share of irish life, with the famous irish beer and the stunning irish landscapes.

Waiting for us is a two hours route on a bus, a plane, six hours – six night hours – at the airport and still another plane. Then, we will be home again, in Turin, with mountains all around us and that safety feeling will be on us again, that feeling that only the Alps can give.

See you soon Ireland!

Travel’s Diary


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