Another backpack prepared, a map bought – better not to count only on GPS – some hours slept, wake up call at 4 A.M. and here we go again: the first stage of day day is the Bergamo-Orio al Serio airport. In a perfect low-cost mood, we find the cheapest park of the whole history, just 12,60 euro for four days, with shuttle bus included, and we are at the gate right on time, with even some time to spare to have a good breakfast. We will have something a two hours flight, even something less, towards Copenhagen, so we try to regain some of the lost hours of sleep, goodnight!


Impossibile to sleep when this wonder runs fast below your eyes

Copenhagen: everything is really “swiss-style”, clean and clear. Once landed, we go directly to the car rental desk – we already have our car rented online – and in just a few minutes they give us the keys, the electronic motorway toll payment system and all the papers. We take our car directly at the parking lot, such an organization! I still have a horrible reminder of a car rented in Naples, with so many problems and cost additions.

We have paid for an economic car, similar to a Ford Fiesta, and they give as, insted, a marvellous Opel Meriva with a glass top. Since there will be an almost total eclipse tomorrow, is an amazing present to us!


In formation: matching sunglasses, hoodies and telescopic arm for the selfies!

Today we are suppose to drive for 500 km more or less and reach the extreme North end of the danish peninsula called Jutland, in the town of Skagen. At first we will cross the long bridge which joins the isle of Sjaelland, where Copenhagen is – yep, it is an island, danish geography is tricky! – to the little island of Fyn, driving through Odense, and then another bridge again will bring us on the mainland. Then our road will go up North, with no decided stops yet.

Tonight, insted, we have set a night with couchsurfing a little far west from Skagen, with a kind old lady.

So let’s go: roads are wide and clean, the speed limits are strictly observed and noone is honking, never. Signs are clear despite the unpronounceable names of the cities. In a real nordic style, order and clarity are the main rule.

From the bridge

Windmill blades in the sea, while we drive past the almost 20 km bridge

Before crossing the bridge we take the first stop – first of many others – and we have our first experience with a danish wurstel, so delicious. We go on with no rush and even if we had, the speed limits are quite slow – compared to Italy at least – and we drive through the bridge and the isle of Fyn, almost only on the motorway, totally free except the first bridge.

Once we are in the Sjaelland, we decide we will drive to Aahrus and then Aalborg – yes, it seems the double A is a must – changing from the motorway and the little roads and having lots of stops to admire the landscape or for just a little stop.

The first stop is in  Skanderborg where we first enter a supermarket with prices really similar to ours – italians – and not extremely expensive as we were told before leaving. We find one of the little parks on a lake, we sit on the bench and have our first, relaxing, lunch, with bagels and cheese creams, fruit and a chocolate muffin each one, with ducks and geese all around us.

Towards Alborg

Technological buildings front onto little and relaxing parks

Well fed, we jump again in the car. We want to get to Skagen before sunset and the road is full of places to see which will stop us many times.

As forseen, due to a toilet-stop, we have a stop before reaching Aalborg, near what seem to be two lakes watching from the map. We don’t find a toilet, but one of the many trees works good shielding us from the road. We leave the car along the street and begin walking in the endless fields, in the hope nobody will be too botherd by us. Stepping on top of a hill, the wonder materialize: the two lakes are no more than two little puddles, with some little boats on the shore, a tiny half-destroyed jetty and an incredible peace.

Towards Alborg

Typical danish landscape: little lake, boats on the shore, fields and blue sky

Suddenly, we hear the sound of a tractor in the distance, and is really time for us to go: the farmer would not like our presence on his well ploughed field. Almost running, we are again at the parking lot, where a study session with map and GPS is waiting for us.

We decide for nothing really, just continuing going up to Aalborg and then Skagen, skipping the motorway as long as possible, and being led from the landscape, stopping if something catch our attention.

Towards Aalborg

Studying the map: having it the right side is already a conquer

We go on, passing by big and little towns, with strange names, always going north, until a green zone on the map catch our attention. It is a little park, but they usually are the best jewels, almost invisible at first sight, where the best surprises are hidden.

So we go directly to its core, toward the city of Rebild, and we have to stop and have a walk among the lttle green hills, all ot them well conserved, with lots of narrow gravel paths. It is the queen park or one dedicated to her, at least the sign seem to say so, for what we can undertand of danish.

Rebild Bakker

The wonderful little park of Rebild Bakker

We let us stop just for a short time. Hours are passing by fast, one little stop in the green, the reduced speed limits, and our sunset in Skagen is always closer. We already know we will arrive just in time, as always, and we will have to run to the beach to catch the perfect shade on the clouds.

Road to Skagen

Our travel goes on, among roads, street and motorways

We still try not to take the motorway also because raods are all so wide, with their double-lane bike road on the side. We never came into a traffic jam, not even the slightest one in the center of one of the cities. For sure it also due to the off-season time we are in, but I do really doubt they ever have problems with traffic jams.

Then, finally, we get in Skagen.

Sunset  in Skagen

Sunset in Skagen. It was worth all the way to here

We decide not to enter in Skagen city; yes, maybe it would have been worth it, but it is a decision we have to take, between city and sunset on the northes beach in Denmark, in Grenen, where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea. Can you imagine the time Usain Bolt needs to start from the starting blocks? That was the time we need to decide where to head.


Skagen, a wonderful, burning, ordinary sunset up here, just incredible

The sea is totally calm, there is no wind and the clouds are just perfect, so the shades of the sunset can reflect over them and create the magical athmosphere we are plunged into. The only thing we miss is the violent meet of the two seas, as it happens sometimes, when the two currents collide in amazing waves. If we try hard, we can distinguish, on the shore, the little waves which create some sort of point on the sand and following its line, the water is two different colours.

We are enraptured of this place, it is so particular and amazing, we enjoy the sunset until the last ray of sun disappears on the horizon, among the bunkers, the dunes and the immense beach.

And then it is time to leave, a nice old lady is waiting for us in Lokken, one hour car from here. It is a long one hour time, spent in the fog, in the little roads in the fields and, finally, in Lokken, where we are warmly greet in a particular home, an artist home.

Couchsurfing in Lokken

Our suite for tonight, among pictures and sculptures

We enjoy together a good glass of local wine, some cheese, lots of chats and the best blackcurrants homemade marmelade I have ever tried. All of this at the cost of just some chat and a smile, could we ask for more?

Tomorrow other kilometers are waiting for us, more parks, beaches and who knows what else, goodnight.

Travel Diary


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