Good morning everybody!

Today is a typical danish day. Grey clouds cover the sky and a light but quite irritating rain is pouring down with no intention to stop. We get up and clean our room, pack our sleeping bags and clothes, and our friend offer us a wonderful breakfast, with her amazing blackcurrants homemade marmelade. We chat a lot, about our travels, her past esperiences, what we expect for the future and our plans, about her family scattered all around the world and about us.

Couchsurfing a Lokken

A couchsufing night with un unforgettable host, as unforgettable as her marmelade!

Our host help us to sort out the situation with the unintelligible world of the danish websites, showing us a ferry boat which link, cheaply, the Sjaelland peninsula with Copenhagen island. It is possible, indeed, to spare lots of kilometers and enjoying a quiet hour of ferry boat, instead. We will not lose half a day driving and will not get to Hundested, the place where we have book our night, completely exhausted.

So we book the ferry and unwillingly leave this cheerful lady to her lonelyness, in her wonderful little home in Lokken. We would have loved to spend some days here, telling stories and tales, but our danish time is unfortunately not so much.

“Travelling is like falling in love: the world is made new…”

Jan Myrdal

Suddenly we realize that it will take us two hours more or less to get to the harbour of Aahrus and our ferry will leave soon after, so we decide to take the motorway – thanks so much loyal GPS, you helped us sort out the way out of the tangled little road of the danish countryside – which will lead us directly to Aarhus.

10 a.m.: we are driving on this long and straight motorway, somewhere before Aarhus, and we know the eclipse is beginning every second. Clearly, the sky is totally clouded and it is raining, we try hard to peek through the thick layer of clouds the sun being eaten by the moon and we just glimpse it for one second. Then it’s gone, the rain fall heavier and all we can get aware of is a slight change in the light. It really is a shame, but we will know afterwards that even in Italy it has been the same, Two in distress make sorrow less!, isn’t it?!?


Strenght trials out of a Crossfit gym in Aahrus. The wheel stayed totally still, no matter what

Grieving for the missed eclipse, we quickly arrive in Aarhus, where we have a little problem with the ferry boat ticket, brightly and quickly solved by the man at the counter. Another proof danish people are really way further us, they did not try to cheat on you at every possible time.

While we take a little stroll around the harbour, we come in front of a Crossfit gym, it is a big warehouse, so different from our italian gyms, stylish and tidy. Outside on the yard, we find some tipical Crossfit gear and lots of bycicles, all scattered around and unchained. Things are left there, alone, not guarded and noone even think about stealing them: try to leave a bycicle unguarded for one second in Turin and it will be gone, disappeard under your eyes. Here, instead, it seems totally different, as it should been in a civilized city.

We board the ferry, quickly and neatly and we enjoy a peaceful crossing with a tasty lunch – and a nap –  hoping to glimpse some dolphins, who don’t show sadly.


Napping on the boat, the rocking boat helps a lot

Perfectly on time and as quickly as we boarded, we disembark. The landscape hasn’t changed so much, but it has indeed something totally different. It is not easy to explain, it more of a sensation than an actual change: maybe the little towns are more closer, there are less fields and more houses, but it continues to be a wide and not much inhabitated land, with more animals than people.

We don’t go too far, just some kilometers off the harbour and a field recently ploughed catch our attention. We want to get closer to these furry cows we are seeing from a distance and we want to better understand the strange black building among the houses.

Sjællands Odde

Danish landscape at Sjællands Odde, total relax and calm

A narrow gravel road brings us directly at the enclosure and the more we get close the more we understand the the furry cows, are not actual cows! It would be better for us to buy some glasses once and for all. We discover, indeed, that they are yaks, super furry and nice yaks which get closer, to greet us, maybe more curious about us than we are about them.

Sjællands Odde

Coloured yaks greet us with a stinky welcome

While we get closer, we discover the mistery of the peculiar black building: it is a windmill, with the blades and a spare dome – do you really need a spare dome and blades for your windmill? – lay down near the stable. We will see a lot of other windmills, all alike to one another, painted in black, all of them built as a tower with a dome on the top, many without the blades, we guess to preserve them from the strong winter winds. They are really nice and typical.

We walk back to the car: our final destination today is the city of Hundested, a not too big town where we find a room with Aribnb. As the crow flies, it is so near, but it actually is on the other shore of the Roskilde fjord, just in front of us, some kilometers over the straits. The problem is that there are no bridges and we will have to go all the way down along the coast and then up again, passing through Roskilde and up. It is not a long road and we can guess the landscape will be just amazing.

Sjællands Odde

Expectations are not let down, landscapes are breathtaking

We have a hard session of map consulting and in the end we decide not to go to Roskilde, but taking another faster route which will bring us directly to the last big city, Frederikssund, leaving the fjiord on our right, driving on the route 53.

It is an extremely wise decision: half way up, before the little town of Skibby, a boggy land marked in green on the map draw our attention and since it is quite early, we decide to take a detour.

So, we find ourselves, quite for a chance – remember, losing yourself it is always the best way to find the most hidden and incredible places – on the bank of the fjord, a muddy lake behind us, on the other side of the route, and a little jetty on the fjord, all for ourselves. 

Selso So

Meditation on the edge of the dock under ominous clouds

“To infinity and beyond!”

Buzz Lightyear in Toys’ Story

We enjoy our time discovering all the applications of the new filters for the camere and the little tripod, bought properly for these situations, in the amazing setting of the jetty. We go around a little bit and also shoot some really silly pictures – our “front and back” has been taken right here! – and finally we go back to the car, just when the only tourist we met in the whole day are coming in.

Selso So

Shooting trials and fun time

Again in the car, this time we head to Frederikssund, where we cross the only bridge on the Roskilde fjord and we take the last part of the road which will bring us directly to our final destination, Hundested, and the room we rented thorugh Airbnb. Who knows how it will be, will we like it? We are tired at this point and the thought of a confortable bed is so nice.

We better decide not to go too fast, pushed by the thought of a nap, and coherently with our starting decision, we avoid the motorway.

Before leaving from Italy, we watched an interesting website: the Marguerite Route, a long itinerary almost 3.000 km long, established in 1980 from the Queen Marguerite (marguerite means daisy in french) from Denmark – guess where it takes its name, even if officially its names come from the fact that Queen Marguerite loved daisies. This itinerary goes through all Denmark up and down, touching more than 200 places worth a visit, outside the usual touristic ways.

We get on a little part of this road, well signed with unmistakable roadsigns.

Route of the Queen

The Marguerite Route, we unfortunately had the chance to drive it only for a little part

We are finally almost there, our destination is just at the end of this panhandle which mark the Roskilde fjord. We get there easily and once we find the Airbnb, we are speechless. It costed us 64 € for two nights and only one breakfast included, but in front of us there is an amazing little home in typical danish style, separeted from the other houses, isolated on the beach, with its own gravel entry road. Inside it is just amazing, so peculiar and incredibly cozy.


Private room with balcony, all the luxury for us

We are given a little room on the third floor, in the attic, where there are two other same rooms, a bathroom with sauna – it is usual here to have one, but it is anyway impressive – and a common relax room with a glass view on the sea, just stunning. Since it is low season, we are the only guests. So, we are so lucky to have found this place at this time.

We are tired, a lot, both for today and yesterday, therefore we enjoy a long resting nap before dinner. Afterwards, we go in Hundested downtown and decide not to go exploring, leaving it for tomorrow, but just search a place to eat and then go home.


Fry-house in Hundested, typical and anyway the only open place at 9 p.m.

We cannot find a place to eat fish & chips and we decide to make do – as we don’t like it – of a fry-house, where we take a super tasty hamburger stuffed with all of the delicious things you can think of. We are almost obliged to chose this place, since after 9 p.m. it is the only open place, this one and some other pubs especially for tourists, where the menu goes from pizza to sushi, no too likeable.

We need a little walk after the meal, it was delicious but heavy to digest. Our home of the night is warm and cozy, with a soft bed and a thick duvet which catch us immediately and in seconds we are asleep.

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