Start height (mt): 1986

Top height (mt): 2679

Total heightfrop (mt): 693

When you are waken by a ray of sun, directly in your eyes, you already know it will be an amazing day!

It has been a perfect night, our organization has been really good and not for a second we have been cold. Our inflatable mats have given us a good resting night and we are ready for another day.

We open the tent just a little bit and spy outide: there is a shy sun which is making its ascent above the haze over the city, colouring the sky of all the shades of red, orange and pink, just wonderful!

From New York to Robinet - Day 2

First rays of sun in the morning with unbelievable colours

There are no noises coming from the shelter yet, it means nobody is awake to bring us our warm and dry boots, and we totally have no will to begin our day with a brefoot walk on the snow. So, we continue doozing a while more, enjoying the sun and its colour during its ascent towards the clear blue sky.

From New York to Robinet - Day 2

Watching the sunrise from our tent is one of the most amazing things ever

Just a little bit after, we hear the first movements from inside the shelter and Roberto greets us with a “Buongiorno” and two pairs of warm dry boots, the greatest luxury!

We sort all of our stuff out, dismantel our tent and in the meanwhile, we prepare a warm tea for everybody which will go with the cookies and all the rest, to give us the energies necessary for today’s trekking.

The sun, with its vitamin D, enhance everybody’s mood and the location itself is an infinte source of happiness and energy: therefore, we decide to give ourselves a higher purpose, we want to reach Mount Robinet.

After a good and full breakfast on the terrace, in the sun, we clean the refuge and put all of our stuff neatly in a corner. Finally really light, we put on the snowshoes and start again on the path which will bring us to the top.

From New York to Robinet - Day 2

Let’s start! Adventure group toward the peaks, Mount Robinet is waiting for us

The first part of the path, up the the weather station, even if it is not tracked, is quite easy. It is not really steep for now and the snow is still frozen from the night, so our walk is easy and nice.

Attilio and I, once we reach the weather station, are a bit puzzled: during our first snowshoed up here, we tried to reach Mount Robinet and the advice we had was to point straight at the weather station and then to the top. We totally missed it – but only now we get aware of it – and we were sure the building at the top of the ridge was actually the weather station. So when we were at half the way to the top, with fresh snow up to the hips, already exhausted, we decided to go back and not endure to the top. The problem was that we were way far than we thought. Anyway, we now have another opportunity.

So we go on, our faces puzzled.

From New York to Robinet - Day 2

Stop at the meteorological station, the stop we totally missed on our last trek up here

As we go on and on, the snow get mushier, as this spring sun gets warmer and warmer. We alternate at the tracking, so none of us gets too tired, since doing the track is the hardest part.

One we get over the big flat, we face today’s challenge: a wall which gets steeper the more one watch up, but the only way to climb to the ridge and, from there, to our goal.

Now we finally understand our mistake of the last time: what we thought to be the weather station, a little building on the edge of the ridge, is actually the church and the bivouc on top of Mount Robinet. So, last time we were almost there, almost at the top, we were short of maybe 100 meters of heightdrop, but discouraged by the wrong thought that we were almost half the way up, we surrendered, our legs burning.

Moral of the story: never, ever surrender, always go to the top, which is ofter closer than we thing. And today we will go there!

The more we go up, the more the chats get off until they totally finish. Just some shouts here and there, from who is almost at the top to those who are more down.

Then, the last painful steps, and here we are, everybody on the ridge, all together!

From New York to Robinet - Day 2

New Yorkers celebrations on top: hot guys!!!

Here we are, on the top, another peak has been conquered! It has taken us two trekkings to finally reach the top, two really hard treks, one for the too fresh snow and the other for a too mushy snow, but with a lot of sweat and a great team, we finally made it.

Sight towards Mount Robinet

And here we are, finally! Happiness and celebrations

We decide not to walk all the ridge to reach the little church, right on top of Mount Robinet, both because we don’t have so much time – our friends have to catch a train which will bring them back to Florence – and because the path is not traced and the snow it’s now quite dangerous, so wet as it is.

We are pleased anyway to be up here, actually some steps higher than Mount Robinet itself, with Mount Rocciavrè peak just on the other end of the ridge, a few meters upper than we are.

From New York to Robinet - Day 2

Deserved relax after the struggle, admiring the top of Mount Robinet, so near but yet so far today, unreachable

We enjoy a good lunch all together, some with sandwiches, others with a can soup – odd american tastes – and we watch our friends suspended in awe of the magical landscape they are surrounded by, so familiar to us but so unexpected for them. We are surrounded by peaks, snowy peaks brushed by fast clouds which are coming in.

From New York to Robinet - Day 2

Malika, fascinated by the snowy peaks, satisfied about earning this scenery

We eat and relax, taking our time to enjoy the view and take all the picture which will help to remember this amazing place and moment in our minds, we chat a little bit and it’s time to go. A long way down is waiting for us, to the refuge at first and then, even longer, to the cars and the way back.

As we know really well, on these steep slopes the fastest way to go down is…sliding! For sure, this soaking snow will not help and more than once we will find ourselves sit and blocked in the mushy snow.

Sliding and rolling, we arrive quickly to the flat land, and decide to have a detour to the upper lake, Soprano Lake, which is still frozen. Everybody is really fascinated by the show, even us who know the place really well. It is so different from the one we saw when we came up here with our judo friends, when they had a altitude training.

From New York to Robinet - Day 2

Relax and contemplation stop just before restocking our water supplies

We get closer to the bank to fill up our water bottles, the hot sun had make us drink more than we thought we would have and we are now all so thirsty.

We take the chance to have a rare picture of our photographer, usually behind the camera, with our guide, the loyal couple who guide us around the Alps every weekend.

From New York to Robinet - Day 2

A rare photo of our photographer, with our loyal guide

Soon after we reach the refuge and take our time to rest, somebody with a quick nap, others chattin a little bit, others packing the backpack for the last time.

Our roads will divide from here: one group, with the Roberto’s lead, will go quickly to the cars and afterward will catch the train home, while the other group will stay with us and Elisabetta, the other guide, and we will go down easy, enjoying the panorama and talking a lot about the difference between like in Germany, Italy and in the United States.

There is so much to talk about that we don’t get track of the path, which runs fast under our feet. We get to the car without noticing the time, really satisfied and tired, as it should always be after a so hard weekend, full of emotions and fatigue.

From New York to Robinet - Day 2

Put off the snowshoes, home is getting closer. Mount Robinet will be in our thoughts for a long time

The greetings, once we get to the cars, are a sweet and sour moment, as always. We share a lot during these two days and it will be really nice to meet again, somewhere, who knows when.

We will try to do so, we exchanged our mails and contacts, and who knows, maybe one day we will meet again our American friends on the Appalachian Range, for once us the stranger in a stranger land.

Bye bye my friends, it has been a wonderful adventure!

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