June, 11th 2015: Day 0

3.30 p.m., Calgary international Airport: here we are. We had so much burocracy to do, backpacks done at the lat moment, lots of goodbyes, but finaly we are on canadian land.

But let’s start from the beginning.

During these three months we will be hosted by a danish familiy who has moved to Canada since many years, they will offer us board and room in exchange of help with the home chores and some babysitting hours with theirs five super blond children – yep, they are so many, but we know we will have a lot of fun and never get bored.

The dealing also include a 75% in the buying of a car – obviously with canadian prices, so cheaper then the italian ones – as payment for our extra work as full time babysitter with the four children, while the mom and the older girl will have a European vacation and the dad will work.


We still don’t know it, but this will be our tiny canadian car!

All of this have been posibile as we inscribed as guests in Workaway, it is incredible bu true.

Better to tell the whole story from the beginning: the family have worked to let us have the car before even arriving in Canada, but to be able to drive it we had to take our international driving licences. Not such a big deal actually, it is just an official paper with the transaltion in many languages of our driving licences. The onlu problem is that this little paper costs 50 € each – of which 5€ were for the fast procedure, obviously we decided to have it at the last moment – adding also two lost mornings spent in office and so much time lost on the website, which is not up to date and had given us wrong informations.

After that, with our driving licences finally in our hands, we still needed the risk declaration of our car insurances. We had it in italian and of course our insurances societies denied to translate it. We tried one last try and I translated them unofficially, and incredibly the canadian insurance accepted both of them. It is really unreal as an italian, we would have needed lots of papers and stamps and official prints, people do trust you in Canada!

Well, we are still not even on our flight and we already have our car.

But between us and our car the are elevn hours of flight yet – a really smooth and pleasant flight – and, my biggest worry, the customer control. Once we got out of the plane, indeed, the fear grows up: we have seen a popular tv show, Airport Security Canada, where people get rejected at the customer, shame on us. We get in line and in the end it is our turn: I go to the counter, give my passport and begin to sweat, just the usual questions – why are you in Canada, what do you do for a living, ow long are you staying, where are you staying, where you will go…it just missed how many times you pee a day? – then the police man call Attilio at the counter too, just some other seconds and, finally, he prints our passports!!! What a relief!


This is the little town of Carstairs, just out of an american movie

We walk down some stairs under the welcome in Calgary write, go across the doors and two blodes are waiting for us: they are the mom and the older girl who will host us in these months. They bring us home, show us around, show us our room and introduce us to the whole family – the guys and the husband – and to a lot whole of animals – a dog, two cats, some parrots and love birds, fish – then we dine before even opening our backpacks.

After the tension got away, eight hours of jet lag and many discoveries, we go straight to bed, just a message home to let everyone know we are safe and sound. We even forget to take the promised pictures of everything, we are so tired, goodnight!

June, 12th 2015: Day 1

5.45 a.m.: goodmoning folks! The jet lag has messed up a lot with us and we are awake so early. We take the chance and update our families and friends in Italy, they are all really curious.


We really are in Canada and a noisy train is remembering it every once in a while

8.00 a.m.: Breakfast is ready. A big jug of coffee is ready – yep, a big mug of americano for everyone wasn’t enough, so an “espresso” not so espresso follows and wake us up definetly – some slices of bread with butter and we are ready to go. Today’s program is really tight: buying the car, go get the insurance and the registration plate. We are already ansious about all the burocracy we will need to go through.

We go out around 10.30 a.m. and around noon we are already back, with everything done and owning the plate, including half an hour drive back and forth. It is just incredible, we are speechless. And we are foreigners too, we don’t have a canadian bank account and just a touristic visa. The same thing in Italy and probably in the whole Europe, would not even be thinkable.


Plate owners!!!

Today is a relaxing day, we need to familiarize with our new life, buying some forgotten stuff – plug adapter, body cream, some sweets.

We are in Canada and our adventure has begun with a blast!!!


Everything is big and wide and we are really happy


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