June 13th 2015: Day 3 (Happy birthday to my mom!!!)

Yesterday we got asleep really early again, getting used to the jet lag is not so easy and this morning we were full awake at 7 o’clock.

Today the plan is: exploration!


A nice view of Calgary from above, such a beautiful skyline

We are going to Calgary to pick up a friend – an old school mate who I’m going to meet again after seven years after he travelled half the world – who is casually right here at the right time, what a coincidence. The master plan is to take advantage of our trip to Calgary and have a little tour around by car.

We have the usual full breakfast with coffee and toasted bread with butter – better we get organized and have some training or we will get so fat! – the mom loads us with tons of maps and informations not to get lost – we are really in the right place, we guess – and after downloading a free navigatore which works also without connection, we are ready: Calgary we are coming!

We head towards the city, a long straight road which drives just in the middle of green fields and hills. We gas up – we are having a little bit of confusion with gas, gasoline, lpg that does not exist here, such a mess – and with just 50 CAN$, more or less 35 €, we fill up the tank so we will be able to understand how many kilometers it goes with one full tank.

It takes more or less fourty minutes to get to Calgary, driving slowly and within the limits, enjoying the first kilometers on our new car – squared and easy to drive around – we pick Luca up, he is waiting for us in front of the hostel were he finally was able to sleep orizontally after 57 hours of bus from Ottawa to Calgary. We head on the 17th Street for a first exploration and an hamburger.

We walk a little bit and we chose something to eat among the lots of places here, totally by chance. We quickly realize that life here around, is quite expensive compared to our standards even if wages are probably way higher than ours.

We enjoy a first quick walk in Calgary and after we head towards the outskirst under another shower, to go to the AMA, the local office for roadside assistance, to have an insurance for everything that could ever happen while we drive aroung. We were adviced from the family to have it, mostly because we will drive a lot around.

They cheer us so nicely and it just takes some minutes to do all of it, we buy the base package which guarantee us fuel tank just in case we run out of gas, 160 m of towing to the nearest mechanic and a lot of other stuff really usefull, for something around 150 CAN$, a great investment.


Watching the city from a high oint of view, just above Kensington neighborhood

So, now we have some time to spend in the city. Luca advices a place just out of the city center, up one of the many hills which sourround Calgary, from where we will have a really nice view. We park just near Kensington and some steps and a little slope lead us to an amazing panorama, the landscape from the McHugh Bluff Park is really stunning.

We enjoy some minutes up there and then it is time to go: we decide to have a little longer tour around before coming back in Carstairs, driving near Ghost Lake, a place we saw on the map which really seem nice, than taking a secondary road to come back home.

We drive slowly and after some gravel roads and some mistaken ones, we finally get to Ghost Lake, a stunning place. This really wide lake has been closed with a dam and now one can canooeing in it, it should be really interesting to do that and we decide to write it down as an experience to have sometime soon.

Ghost Lake

First landscapes, the Bow River and the Ghost Lake, both amazing even in a dark day of rain

It is then time to go back home, we get back in the car and after the nth turn, a wonderful light blue bridge so similar to the ones we saw in the movies set in candian lands, mostly one of the symbol of this country.

Ghost Lake

First really canadian experiences

Some other photos and we are ready, it really is timeto go back home, passing through the little town of Cremona – yep, then have stolen it to us and put is just kilometers from Carstairs! We arrive home and the whole family is waiting for us, all together, Tobias too, the german guy who is hosted during this week, and with Luca too we are eleven sit at the table, a big funny table to sit around!

After a little chat, we are beginning to be tired – the jet lag is still having its tool on us – and we decide to go straight to bed, tomorrow it will be another long full day.


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