It is now more than three weeks we are in canadian land.

We often eat buttered toasted bread, we eat a lot, we have done some hiking but none of them was too hard.

One night we even decided to go running. Twenty minutes was all of it, around the block, and we also stopped for at least ten minutes.

We were used to train almost every day, when we were in Italy and we are beginning to dream about pull-ups and squats. We have an urgence to find a Crossfi box here around.

One morning we wake up and we know it has come the time to go and check on that box we glimpsed on the internet, it is in Airdrie, some 20 minutes south of Carstairs. We send an email asking for information, they reply just to show up and have our free lesson, since we know the standard movements. We just check the class schedule, take a t-shirt and some shorts and leave towards the box, CrossFit 403, finally some sweating!

Airdrie Crossfit 403

Crossfitter on the move, here we are!

Once arrived, a warehouse is waiting for us in the industrial area, just a sign not so visible to point it out. We get in, sign some paper and have a look around: a class is going on and it will end in 10 minutes. There is no trace of changing rooms, just two bathrooms, but that’s more than enough. To make up for it, there is a children box, really interesting. Once the class is finished, the coach, a girl with a big pregnant belly meet us and introduce us to our 4 mates for today – it is saturday morning, it’s 11, not one of the crowdest classes – and we begin to warm us up. We have a look around: there is a rack station in the middle of the area, huge fans here and there, big tires out on the yard, rowers, weights and barbells…all we need! Once we are done with the warm up, we are introduced to today’s WOD, a team WOD:   

Teams of 2           Buy in: 400 mt. run 100 power cleans 135/95 pounds (61,2/43,9 kg) 100 T2B 100 wall balls 20/14 pounds (9,7/6,3 kg) 100 calories row           Every 5 minutes, 5 burpees

Airdrie Crossfit 403

A bit worried…we will do it!

It will be hard! The class before us had done the same WOD and their times are written down – from 21 to 30 minutes more or less, we have to be in that range to.

The other two couples in the class with us – we are together, of course! – are a women couple, probably not really competitive judjing from their not so strong-built shape, and two quite big guys, whom one is not a crossfitter for sure, he needs all the exercise to be explained.

Airdrie Crossfit 403

We don’t forget about you

Let’s start…it is hard! We run, divide the power cleans into series of 5 and we are quickly done, to the T2B we have a nice surprise, the bar is covered in plastic and does not rip our hands apart – our luck! Our callus are mostly gone, not at all what they were three weeks ago – wall balls are strenuous, but we are done with them too eventually, and then the 100 calories row. We had never try to row before, it is strenuous, mostly for us lacking of stamina and out of shape.

Airdrie Crossfit 403

Totally exhauseted, on the background the torture machine, the rower!

We finish something after the 27 minutes mark, the couple of built guys get ahead of us at the row, we are excused. We are really tired but even more satisfied – so tired we even forget to take some other photos at the box too.

We will come back!


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