Threatening clouds cheers us for the day, but at least it is not raining anymore. We prepare a fast breakfast, hot tea and muffin and right after we clean it all, it’s the “bare campsite” rule to preven bears from approaching the campsite.

We decide to have a stop a the visitor center before going around, so we can have some informations about the best trails and some more detailed maps. They advice us on many places, way too much, and in the end we just decide to cross the border and go in Britis Columbia, towards Forum and Wall Lakes.

We have to drive for a little while to arrive at the start of this hiking on a secondary road which goes up and down in a lateral valley. Behind one bend, we spot a stopped car on the side and we aldready smell the scent of a bear.

Forum and Wall Lake

Mom and a cub at a security distance, it is so exciting

We pull over and are speechless: it really was for bears the stoped car and not only one, but a mom and her cub, amazing.

We stay some minutes, actually almost half an hour, to stare at them, while they play and stroll in the grass. As rules say, we just stay in the car and watch them from the window and the amazing sky line roof.

At a time, they walk over the hill and disappear from our view, anyway a great start to our day.

We arrive at the beginning of the trail, park our car and it is time to go…but this will be a whole different story, the story of our first canadian hiking!

Once we are back, tireb enough by the long hike, it is just time to sit and relax, it has been a wonderful trek. Once we take off our boots – that’s not a big difference for Luca, he just change in another page of sneakers – and we are back at our car, we decide we are still not sotally exhausted, se we head towards the visitor center again, at the entrance of the park for another short hike which should be wonderful.

We still haven’t drive for a kilometer and another furry friends decide to cross our road.

Forum and Wall Lake

Yoghi is hungry, veggie night today!

This cheerful little bear, quite a small one, follow us for some hundreds meter, also crossing our road just meters in front of our car, then he step in the forest and is gone, as fast ad he appeared.

We start again and, almost with some sorrow, we don’t have any other encounter. The hiking at the Bear’s Hump is a fast trail which brings you up a ledge rock with an amazing view all over the valley.

In less then 20 minutes we get to the top and the landscape does not betray the promises.

Waterton lakes park

Short hikes can give great satisfactions too

On top there is only a couple of seniors who, in the total silence, enjoy the landscape from a bench. There is enough to be enrupted for hours and hours: below us there is the Middle Lake which mirrors the sourroundings peaks, in the incoming shadows of the night and under a sky full of clouds which run one after another and create magical light games.

Waterton lakes park

A postcard image: Waterton Lakes National Park in its whole amazement

Before coming back to the camp we decide to get closer to the majestic Prince of Wales Hotel, which stand on its own hill over the lake.

From close up it is even more peculiar, it is so similar to a big swiss mountain hut. It is really beautiful, with its green roof which seems to want to disguise with the sourrounding natural environment.

Waterton lakes park

Prince of Wales hotel, one of the wonders of this natural park

We go back to the camping, finally, and we decide to have a barbecue this night: we leave our money in the envelope and take the two bags of wood we are allowed to take. Not immediately, but we can finally light it and then a great barbecue is heating our night, quite a chill one.

Waterton lakes park

Our first canadian barbecue, we are just grown kids playing with a shiny new toy

This night the menu it typical a camping one: grilled sausages with carrots and corn, as dessert an american specialty, roasted marshmellows!

The evening flows by quickly and we begin to feel the fatigue of today’s long walk; we just eat some marshmellows and then it is time to set for our second camping night, totally at ease with it and perfectly organized.

In minutes all the chores are done: dishes are washed and everything is stored inside the car, the three sleeping mats and bags are ready to heat us up, torches go off and in seconds the three of us are fast asleep, dreaming about all the amazing places we have seen today.

waterton lakes park

Another amazing view from the Bear’s Hump, Waterton Town down to our feet

Sleep well everybody!


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