2015 is ending and as everybody, we can’t avoid to think about what it has been.

What to say, it has been such a year to us! First of all, it has been our first whole year as a couple – it’s still thrilling to say it aloud! – and we have to say we travelled, we travelled a lot and way more than we were expecting to.

2015 WP

12 photos for 12 months, one better then the other!

We begun it with lots and lots of hiking on our Alps, so many that we often totally forget about some of them. One and for all, the very first one in 2015, a hiking towards the unreachble San Camillo hut, straight from the beginning with our most loyal adventures friend, Trekking-Alps, an experience which has been really tough but still one of the most amazing ones, the first one on the edge of our limit.


Thre hard and incredible road towards San Camillo in the snow blizzard

Then the Denmark, another very important step. Just a four days road trip, still it was so full and we have seen plenty of places which are stuck in our minds. Endless plains and woods, some small hills and the fronzen cold sea in the Northern winter, not bad after all!

Airbnb in Hundested

Denmark, not only nature but the best AirBnB ever, all for ourselves!

Still, our minds were on the other side of the ocean already: two tickets were awaiting in our pockets for the biggest of the adventures – this year’s one, at least! – destination Calgary, Canada and who knew what ever else. 100 days in this wild land inhabitated mostly by the big endless Nature, 100 days plunged into another culture, watching after 4 little blond children which has been tought to get along but whom we got so affectionated to. 100 days of which 15 in California, another on of our dreams, into the most known and beautiful natural parks of the world.

So, such an experience we will never forget, one of those which you will tell about later in your life, when a little curious kid will need a push to travel the world.

Lake Moraine

Moraine Lake, an incredible place which makes you feel so little but totally alive at the same time


Yosemite Valley in the wild fires september, El Capitain and all we have only seen in the movies before then

And then we came back to Italy, again among our life-long friends and the lives we were used to, always the same but still so different after that experience. We have immediately started all over again 100%: jobs, gym, hiking and travels…and we didn’t get bored, of course.

At first, we were greeted in our Alps with really a lot of snow, then our first time hiking a 3.500 meters peak and this late autumn which had painted all of our mountains in brown, but which has gifted us anyway when we have met a whole ibexes family just a couple meters from us.

Tête Blanche de By

Expedition to the Tête Blanche de By, 3.500 meters, unknown to the most, the better for us

So, one of those year to be written down and it is not ended yet!

We have a nice adventure set for tonight, but this will be next year story.

For the while, we can just say we are living our lives to the fullest, day after day: many are the projects, many our dreams made true, but more are the dreams still there, ready to become reality. We can’t say that sometime we would really go away from this nations with its many problems, but then we stop to ask ourselves if it would be really worth it, if we could ever have so interesting and full of travels lives in another place, leaving all of our live and starting from the beginning.

The answer, up to today, is nope, but this does not mean that tomorrow it would stay so. Things are changing fastly and completely in this rushing world. So it could come the day we will take another road, we will dive deep into another incredible adventure – even if we are actually living such a great one – we will learn other languages, customs and habits and we will come back to our land, happy to be host, enjoying the company of family and friends.

In the end, we do not guarantee about tomorrow, we are travellers inside and everything changes, but up to now, we are happy of living and travelling as we do and we do wish you are too, even thanks to our photos maybe. And it this year has not been the best one, commit yourselves so the next one will be the best of all, and then the one after…and so on!

Have a happy ending, a great beginning and good travels to you all!


PS: for 2016, we have already giftes not one but 3 travels to us, a summer in Iceland and two short breaks, one in Barcelona and one, each of us with his friends, in Amsterdam and Frankfurt! A happy new year…to us!

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