We wake up again under the sun of another beautiful day, just a little bit sad since it’s the end of another Road Trip, but this just means we should make plans for another one soon!

We discover we have slept in a nice pull over, calm and quiet, somewher before Sicamous, a small town on the shores of the Shuswap and Mara Lakes.

We decide to have breakfast later and not to stop until we get in Revelstoke, where we find a great place with some tables out in the warm morning sun and we are given a great and super full wrap, really tasty, which will be enough until lunch!

Then we hit the road, the next stop will be Roger Pass.

Vancouver Road Trip, day 5

Boardwalks and centuries old huge trees, the exciting Cedar boardwalk

While we drive, enraptured by the beautiful landscapes of the Highway 1 in its British Columbia part, we never miss to read our loyal guide, our Lonely Planet. Who knows what’s hidden just around the corner. And, indeed, it don’t let us down this time again. 

More or less half an hour before getting to Roger pass, we stop for a couple of quick boardwalk trails in the forest the Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk and the Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail.

The Skunk Cabbage boardwalk walks around a little wetland, where these huge cabbages grow leaves more than a meter long and they are everywhere! We are deep into a green landscape, but we are not in the smelly season by luck.

Vancouver Road Trip, day 5

Small human beings in the woods

Back again at our car, just a couple of minutes and we are at the Giant Cedars Trail Boardwalk. This is a really great surprise for us, we didn’t know these huge trees can also grow here in the middle of the mountains, we only thought we could find them in the renowed natural parks of California but here they are, in a forest with great colour contrasts, the green of the leaves and the reddish colour of the trunk of the cedar trees.

It is a really nice walk, though a short one, and we are soon sit in our car again, this time headed to Roger Pass.

Vancouver Road Trip, day 5

Watching West from Roger Pass, forests and snowy peaks the only constant

Not long later and we are stop again. This time is more of an historical stop than not a panoramic one, even if the view is a never ending emotion in these part of Canada. We discover that this pass has been witness to great struggles of the human kind against the wild nature, in a recent past: the steep rock walls sourrounding it, along with the huge amount of snow which falls here, had been the biggest hurdle in the whole Highway 1 construction.

Whole units of men with cannons – they were used to make avalanches falling when there were not other way to do that – lost their lives up here, during the attempt to connect the East and the West of the Rocky Mountains, the hardest part of the Highway 1.

Vancouver Road Trip, day 5

Roger Pass, eastbound. Forests and snowy peaks on this side too, such a view

A bell and little zen garden, along with a commemorative plaque and some interpreters where the whole troubled story is told, stay as quiet witnesses of the canadian people hardtimes and as show of gratitude towards all the people who have worked and eventually lost their lives to creat what Canada had become today, all of it in less than 150 years – 2017 will be the 150° Canada anniversary and we will really try to be again in this amazing land and celebrate with them!

Vancouver Road Trip, day 5

Field it’s a nice town at the entrance of the Rockies, even nicer when it’s not raining cats and dogs

It’s time to go again, Carstairs is waiting for us within tonight and we still have a long way to go. Right before entering in the Rockies’ parks, we decide to stop in Field to take some photos, the ones we were not able to take with Luca when we were here right in the middle of a summer storm.

We have a refreshing barefoot walk on the shore of the Kicking Horse river, thanks to the reduced flow rate of the end of summer.

Vancouver Road Trip, day 5

Just after Field an old abandoned bridge urge us with a last stop

And we leave again, we are fairly more than half the way up and the day is still pretty long. We enter the parks zone, towards Banff.

But just after Field, after one of the many bends of the rivers, an old ruined bridge capture our attention. We were searching for it since a long time and even if it’s not really the right one – it misses the tracks and the wooden structure to really be the right one – but we cannot defeat the urge to stop and freeze the moment, feet dangling in the void over the ice cold river.

Vancouver Road Trip, day 5

We still don’t know it, but this will be our last drive in the Bow Valley

Since it’s fairly early and we are not in a rush, we decide to take it easy, leave the highway and enter one of the roads we love the most in this area, the Bow Valley Parkway. These 48 kilometer of enchanting roda in the woods, totally plunged in the nature, will always stay in our hearts.

Before arriving in Banff, we stop in one of the many viewing points and we could not be more happy about it: we discover a little corner in Heaven, one of the many in these parks, where the rails run along the river before jumping in the dense forest, all of it lighted by the first reddish rays of the sunset. We stay here a while, totally enjoying all of it.

Vancouver Road Trip, day 5

The Bow Valley, absolutely one of most fascinating places is this part of Canada

We just give ourselves a last stop in Banff town, where we have a nice sandwich and have some time to buy some souvenirs – the usual magnets and an amazing onesie, with white moose shapes on a blue background and a fly on the bottom, just amazing! – and then straight home, through the amazing Alberta’s prairies.

Vancouver Road Trip, day 5

Alberta, boudnless fields and endless sky, we will not easily clear our minds of this view

And here we are again in Carstairs.

It has been just a 5 days trip, a little bit more than 3.000 km in total, but we have seen so many different places, from mountain to sea, from forests to praires, one better than the other, such a fascinating nature and it seems it has been months since we left.

But despite all of this, we are already thinking to our next adventure!


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