The Mont Avic natural parc, Aosta Valley. Today is one of those beautiful days, with barely any cloud in the sky, still the program is not set for great adventures or epic climb, today we go on a reconnaissance mission.

None of us knows this park – as usual, Roberto aka Trekking Alps is with us – and we want to have an idea of what it is. I have been there once some time ago with some friends, but never in winter and averybody knows it is all so different in winter.

We start from Champorcher and our goal is to arrive at the Barubustel at Lac Blanc refugeDurin summer, to get here, people do usually walk another path, way longer which starts from Champdepraz, but is is fairly too much in winter, mostly because we are snowshoeing in day hike.

Parco Naturale Mont Avic

Bye bye cloudy valley, we are now above enjoying a perfect sunny day

Out of the cloudy valley, we get to the starting point of trail n.10 and immediately put on our snowshoes, even if there is not too much snow. We get into the woods, the path is a beaten and well tracked one and we have no problems to follow it.

We meet some small group of people and some even with little children even pretty young ones, a sign that this valley is really for everyone during winter too.

Soon, under a clear blue sky and a warm sun, we get to the first refuge, the Bar Ristoro Lac Muffè, where many of the people we met is having a good lunch or something hot to drink.

Parco Naturale Mont Avic

Overcome the Bar Lac Muffè, we are alone on a track which soon disappears in the snow

At first, we follow a track in the powdery snow, but soon it drift away on a different path which does not lead to the Barbustel Refue, so we have to venture in the fresh snow. Our lack, there is not too much snow and even where is deeper is still pretty easy to walk on it. Even more, as almost in the whole Aosta Valley, the path is very well tracked and it’s easy to follow it.

Step after step, we find ourselves on the little pass which we know is the higher point we will reach today. The refuge is in the next basin, even though we still can’t see it.

Parco Naturale Mont Avic

Passed by the frozen lake and the little col, we are more or less arrived

But the day has been too easy and relaxed up to now, so why don’t we complicate it a little bit? We decide to cut the upper wall of the basin not over the easy ridge, but below us, basically among the rhododendron – yep, you know it, we like them and we have discovered it while we were getting down from Ciarm del Prete! After some hard steps and some slips in the snow, we finally spot our goal somewhere below.

The last steps on the flat land which divide us from Barbustel Refuge in Mont Avic park are, as always, the best ones. Two picnic tables perfectly in the sun, in front of the refuge, are there right for us, so we get out our sandwiches and the chocolate bar and even a little prize, a good old sparkly and fresh coca cola can – it has something amazing when you drink it after a walk!

Parco Naturale Mont Avic

The Barbustel Refuge at Mont Avic natural parc, great starting point for amazing adventures

After we eat, the warm sun almost let us get tempted by a short nap, but a cool wind blow comes to make up our minds. So we go down to the Bianco Lake – the White Lake – and we enjoy the landscape, so calm and relaxing: the lake is frozen and covered in a thin layer of snow. Surely we cannot walk over it, but the show is great anyway.

Parco Naturale Mont Avic

The Bianco Lake, one of the many lakes in Mont Avic natural parc, and now it is white for real!

It’s still early, the day is far from ending, but our reconnaissance hike is already done, we have arrived at our destination.

Less than an hour after we are back at the Bar Ristoro Lac Muffè, where we cannot resist to a hot tea, a warm coffee and some herbs liquor typical of these valleys.

The way back is fast and easy and we are in no rush, so we stay long sit in the warm sun outside the refuge, talking, relaxing and enjoying the panorama.

Parco Naturale Mont Avic

The Bar Ristoro Lac Muffè refuge towers over the valley, with its tables out in  the sun it offers great snacks

That’s sure, we will come soon at the Mont Avic natural park. Even if that was just a little taste, we already know it has amazing adventure ready for us to live them. And for you too!



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