Along with a few but very close friends, we let them guide us to discover a new, amazing hut in the Clavalitè valley: the Borroz Hut.
Today we go discover the surrounds of Cesana Torinese and end up with a great plan change, up to Fournier Peak. The unexpected events are always nice!
What to do in a foggy Saint Valentine day, avoiding the classical spa day or candle lit dinner? We go conquer Sbaron Peak!
It’s time, this winter too time has come to snowshoeing. The Reboulaz Hut and two adventurous days are waiting for us in the Saint-Barthélemy Valley
On a reconnaissance mission in the Mont Avic natural parc. We go discover the Barbustel refuge in a perfect warm sunny day.
Everybody knows, we are the “strange” ones. So what a better way of spending New Year’s Even than in a hut, at the Formaggino in Conca Cialancia
A buddy change, but the scenary stays, always the mountains as background! Today we meet Duma c’Anduma and lots and lot of ibex at Mount Palon
We push our limit a little bit higher, up to 3.413 meters of the Tête Blanche, in Valpelline. This still far away winter gifts us all of this!
Another alternative Halloween: a dive in a frozen lake, the conquer of the Ciarm del Prete and a descent in the dark. Another great adventure indeed!
We got lost, we have found ourselves again after a longer and strenuous walk, but the Chentre-Bionaz Hut is worthwhile anyway!
The Maira Valley, its many lakes, the Bonelli Hut, a new spor and the silence of the Manse Peak. Another super colourful weeknd, amazing.
I’s now two weeks we don’t pack a backpack – which are to be washed actually, after the many canadian adventures – and we can’t wait for it.
Hawaii islands and Israel, here is where our friends are coming from and all together we will go to the Molino shelter, through fog and totally soaked.
Four New Yorkers discovering the Balma valley and conquering Mount Robinet, against all the odds
A paths which doesn’t want to be discovered. A rout adventure. Surrounded by the Orsiera Rocciavrè park, we will finally reach our goal, Mount Orsiera.
Among our group, we talk all summer long about it, it had been the challenge for weeks, months already. We bet on who would be the first one to reach the top, how long it would have taken, who would have defected along the way. So, THE challenge of the summer. The first 3.000 mt peak climbed. After a first reconnaissance tour at the Thabor hut, absolutely away from the mounaint itself, it only took us six days to leave for the top of Mount Thabor.
Finally we come again in our beloved Stretta Valley, maybe one of the most charming places just one hour and a half from Turin.
The Eagle Peak is part of the Cottian Alps, 2.119 mt high, in between Sangone and Chisone vallies. From the top it is possible to see the little towns of Giaveno and Pinasca, both part of the Turin province.

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