It is a goodmorning still with the amazing images of yesterday night stuck in our eyes, images that will stay there still for a long time.

Today is a short day, a long drive towards home is waiting for us and it will not be a quick one. Of course, this don’t stop us having a good short hike. But first, just outside the campground, we stop in Babb, at the Bunkhouse Cafe, where we have a super tasty breakfast in an American indian dining – their indian coffee with ice cream inside is just delicious! – and we get out full and happy.

Many Glacier

Real american style breakfast, lost among anything!

We go having a tour of Many Glacier town – what for an inappropriate name, the glaciers have long ago disappeared, only one stand still – and shortly after we go for some advice at the Visitor Center, where they tell us to hike the Redrock Falls Trail (which Google Maps calls Swiftcurrent trail, who knows why).

First, we drive the long gravel road, which, for the first time, has potholes and road works, driving along the Swiftcurrent Lake, and finally we get to the crowded parking lot.

Many Glacier

The Glacier National Park reflected in the Swiftcurrent Lake

Not easily, we find a place for our car, we put on our boots, just one backpack – the hike is really short – and we are already on the trail. On the wide easy trail we find families with strollers too, not the best for loners as us!

Many Glacier

Redrock Lake, not a bad start

At first, we hear the noise, there at the end of the lake, and quickly they come out of the trees: the Redrock Falls. They are not huge at all, there is not the usual high water jump, it is more a river coming down from above using every single possible inch. The result is amazing anyway.

Many Glacier

A dive is these freezing cold tub would not be so bad, right?

We get closer and go up along the waterfall rocks. Once we are on top, we glimpse something we cannot skip: a big, calm and deep pond. Considering today’s temperature, it is really compelling. We run towards it, jump in our swimsuit and immediately dive in the freezing cold water without even thinking, along with the smiling faces of the other tourists.

Many Glacier

After the short and hot hike, that’s exactly what we need…splash!

Dryied and dressed up again, we cheer the little deer which cross the trail and quickly walk back to the car. Unfortunately our stay at Glacier National park is ending and the long and straight road towards home is waiting for us.

We just have a last stop in front of Mount Grinnel, to take a picture of this pointy peak which characterize the landscape.

Many Glacier

Bye Glacier National Park, bye Monte Grinnel, bye Montana

At last, we get back into our car, this time for the long road which will bring us home, driving through the desolated and huge indian reserves at first, the US-Canadian border at Chief Mountain and the straight  Highway 2 in the end, which will lead us to Carstairs, where we will begin to make projects for our next adventure straight after.

Many Glacier

The last goodbye, our next hikes wil be on canadian ground again

Have a good trip, all you wanderers!