The Bar U Ranch, an old ranch where traditions and old customs are take alive, day after day.
This weekend we are going to discover the Kananaskis Country, a less known area compared to the biggest parks, but not least worth a visit.
Calgary Stampede, we are arriving! Cowboys hats and boots are waiting for us, who know what else.
Our stay in Canada as Workawayers counts today more than three weeks. We are now totally integrated with our hosting family, we share the chores without even asking each other and we are becoming fairly good gardeners – well, we try at least 😉
It is now more than three weeks we are in canadian land.We often eat buttered toasted bread, we eat a lot, we have done some hiking but none of them was too hard.One night we even decided to go running. Twenty minutes was all of it, around the block, and we also stopped for at least ten minutes.

Yesterday we got asleep really early again, getting used to the jet lag is not so easy and this morning we were full awake at 7 o’clock.

Today the plan is: exploration!

3.30 p.m., Calgary international Airport: here we are. We had so much burocracy to do, backpacks done at the lat moment, lots of goodbyes, but finaly we are on canadian land.