The last day of our discoverying Road Trip in this hidden and amazing place called Canadian Rockies, has arrived. We are obviously a little bit sad for the end of this adventure, but really satisfied and happy too.
And we wake up another time under a gloomy sky, the weather is obviously not helping us. It does not dishearten us, though.

We wake up under a light rain this morning. In no time we are already on the run: it is beginning to rain heavily and we have to unpack everything quickly so it won’t be soaking wet.

A relaxing wake up with the singing birds and the sun already up in the sky – here sunrise and sunset are really far away from each other, mostly in these days.

Threatening clouds cheers us for the day, but at least it is not raining anymore. We prepare a fast breakfast, hot tea and muffin and right after we clean it all, it’s the “bare campsite” rule to preven bears from approaching the campsite.

Here we are, not yet arrived and already packing again. We are always on the move.