Fill up your backpack: everything you need, nothing more. Free space will be needed for memories and the light weight will let you walk more miles.

Tie your shoes again, close your home door and leave, a new adventure is awaiting you.

it is always the same story even though it is different everytime: a better one? probably! All that matters is that it is a new experience that will be part of your personal growth. It will remain there, in your heart , in that little part of you that helps you when life gives you lemons!

What more is there to say? We are two Italian guys with the biggest wanderlust. Mountains do allure us, roadtrips are our everyday wish, people around the globe are our best friends and all we wish to do is travel all around the world and experience the wisdom of the real traveler.

“People don’t take trips. Trips take people.”

John Steinbeck

Who We Are - The World's Paths