Breathing the Great West

A dream that comes true: a couple, three months into the amazing and far away landscape of Western Canada and last but not least, an ultimate prize, California and its ancient and wonderful places.

We have wandered in the major natural parks in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, even if it would have taken a whole life to really visit thoroughly those wide and endless places.
We have been fascinated by the majesty and the immensity of Nature itself, there in the Far West, for us Europeans just a far away dream which arrives to us only in some movies of cow-boys and American Indians.
Being there, stomping that ground with our own feet between centuries old trees and wild nature has been wonderful. Since the first days, from the first walk, we had this wish to be able to show to everybody this sensation of smallness the human has once compared to nature, even if it still has its centrality: after all, it’s us who are watching with our own eyes all of these wonders.
And to make the human stand out – well, the woman in this case! – I always made her wear a red jacket, now a distinctive feature of my photo set that we have later replay in California and still today during our wandering in the Western Alps.