How many children, but adults too, have never meet an animal but in a cage or on a leash?

Nature is the only zoo worth to be seen, it offers unexpected and exciting encounters, if only we let ourselves come closer to it.

Link Flickr Incontri Inaspettati (Parco Orsiera Rocciavrè)

orsiera rocciavrè park unexpected encounters

Orsiera Rocciavrè park is a natural park which covers a wide alpine area of Western Piedmont among Cottian and Graian Alps, to be more precise among Susa and Chisone Valleys. Its heigher peak is the Mount Orsiera (2.878 m.a.s.l.), while the heigher alpine cross is the Colle delle Finestre one (Col of the Windows, 2.176 m.a.s.l.).