“I walk a lonely road,
The only one that I have ever known.”

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – Green Day

Natural reserve Duna Feniglia

The Natural Reserve of Duna Feniglia is located in Orbetello, Grosseto province. It is a tombolo (the italian name for a long sandbar) which links the hill of Ansedonia on the east side and the Argentario Mount on the west side. It is almost 6 km long and has a total surface of 474 hectars. From the city of Orbetello it is possible to reach Duna Feniglia with the Granducale dam, while from Ansedonia it is directly liked with the municipal road Aurelia.

The Natural Reserve is crossed by a dirt road built within 1928 and 1940, only accessible to pedestrians and bicycles. Other dirt roads cross the main one perpendicularly more or less every kilometer, creating square sections of the forest, each one with direct access to the namesake beach.