Our Danemark is green and blue.

Our Danemark is sparsely populated.

Our Danemark is in the luxuriant woods and forests.

Our Danemark is not in the touristic and crowded cities – Copenhagen and not so much more – it is in the little towns and villages here and there, is in a couchsurfing night hosted by an amazing madame, her blackcurrant marmelade and some chat about her travels all around the world.

It is in a B&B on the shore, isolated, with its typical danish sauna, chose by chance and far off everything.

It is in three young deers which suddenly are in the middle of the road –  we almost run over them – it is in the hundreds of geese everywhere, in the all alike churches and in all the different villages.

Our Danemark, the real one, the one of the danish, out of the touristic guides, is up in Skagen and Hundested, in Helsingor and in the other thousands town with their unpronounceable names.

Our Danemark is amazing, cheap and full of life. Just don’t stop outside the airport, in the city, and wander for new destinations.


Airbnb in Hundested