Today we celebrate Earth Day.

Today is an important, really important day.

United States, 22nd April 1970: for the first time after years of demonstration, all of the environmentalist, ecologists and other associations for Earth protection and safeguard, reunite themselves for a day of demonstrations and environmental awareness meetings. In the same day, the Earth Day Network was founded, an organization that has then bocome international, to coordinate all the activities on our planet’s safeguard.

So, today is the day when nature is celebrated, but is also the day when everybody is reminded that this nature that we are part of, of which we are a direct product, we are killing and destroying it.

As for us, with our photographs and little stories, a huge respect and love for nature, we try every day to do something good for nature. You should try to do so too, even if just for today: this year objective is to plant the biggest number of trees possible, so, go plant a tree today, in your backyard or through one of the many associations.

We leave you with some  photographs really special for us, representing places so different from one another, but nonetheless amazing and to remind you that all of this, one day maybe not so far away, can disappear. We have to begin to do something starting from yesterday instead of postpone always to a tomorrow that never comes.

Earth Day

Ocean and cliffs, the water

Punta Sourela

Sky and mountains, the air

Earth day

Fields and grasslands, the earth

Happy Earth Day to everybody!