A new world to discover is waiting for us beyond the Ocean

Routes exist since men began to move, to discover, to transfer. Routes have been created on purpose, to be walked, to connect with other people, to grow, to enrich and elevate people.

And the route is synonym to life too, everyone has its own route which cross other ones along the way, as all the people we meet every day and with whom we share our lives.


Stay on the main route or divert and discover new destinations?

Sometimes though, it is necessary to take a deviation and it could seem to leave the main road, the sure and clear one, with its crosses one know so well, such a danger. The thing is how can we know what we can find at the end of that little unpaved route, which seems unwalked before? Engaging in it would just mean give up on everything else, everything done before?


Arduous mountain paths lead to hidden paradise

Nope, take a deviation from the main road could mean to walk on a new one and who knows this new one is better, more beautiful, with a lot more crosses than the main one?!? Sure we are leaving a sure well paved one to walk on a gravel path, packed with holes, steep, with lots of high steps and rocks to overcome, but who knows where it leads? Maybe we are going toward a nice boulevard, with trees, wide, well maintened and surely better then the road from where we come from.


Sometimes it is needed the bravery to take a deviation

It is impossible to know if not walking on the new paths. We have decided to leave the sure well paved road and throw ourselves headlong in that little unpaved steep bendy path, so similar to the  arduous and slippery mountain paths we love so much, which usually lead to incrediby wonderful hidden paradise.


The route can be hard, strenuous, but it will be worth it at the end

We are going to Canada, our deviation is only one week away now, we have a place to stay at the beginning, a lovely danish family who lives outside Calgary, they will provide us with a roof and meals in exchange with some house chores and some babysitting with their five children. We will not leave for good our jobs, we are so lucky to be able to work online.


We have start our new way and we are totally happy about it

It will be a drastic change, but the most incredible adventure ever, we are sure about it.

Some years ago it happened to me to read a poem which had made me think a lot:

“He has achieved success who has lived well,
laughed often, and loved much;

Who has enjoyed the trust of pure women,
the respect of intelligent men
and the love of little children;

Who has filled his niche and accomplished his task;

Who has never lacked appreciation of Earth’s beauty
or failed to express it;

Who has left the world better than he found it,
Whether an improved poppy,
a perfect poem, or a rescued soul;

Who has always looked for the best in others
and given them the best he had;

Whose life was an inspiration;
Whose memory a benediction.

Bessie Anderson Stanley

I think it well resumes what one really have to search for in his life, what we are actually chasing in our lives and what we are hopefully getting closer to.


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