The sunny days go on and on and we havo to take advantage of it, so we leave and go explore the Monti della Luna, the Mountains of the Moon, actually Fournier Peak. We are at the end of March and we have a faint hope not to have to wear the snowshoes, since the trail up to the Capanna Mautino Refuge is quite walked and should be pretty beaten.

We leave the car in Bousson, near Cesana Torinese, and begin to walk with some other people: it’s saturday today and we hope not to find the trail too crowded, but for now is just some random people here and there.

Cima Fournier

Start! First stop is the Lago Nero, the Black Lake. hopefully without snowshoes

The first part of the trail is very suggestive: it seems to us to be back in the lush canadian forests. In a couple months this trail will be the best version of itself, full with the spring colours, that’s for sure.

The snow is well beaten and processed by the snowcats which goes in and out of Bousson every day, to bring groceries to Capanna Mautino refuge and to bring the customers there, the ones too tired by the everyday citylife to have a walk in the woods.

At the beginning it is just a very nice walk. We meet two guys who decide to put on the snowshoes, but for us is way too early – we will not wear them if not strictly necessary! – so we continue to walk towards the Lago Nero, today’s first stop.

Cima Fournier

The path to Capanna Mautino Refuge and to the Black Lake it’s a highway in the woods

We have left with a clear idea this morning, to walk up to the Colle del Begino, but all of you know it, our plans are ever changing. Indeed, we meet two old and wise men and they advice us for a more interesting loop: they tell us not to pass by Capanna Mautino Refuge, but to turn left right after the Black Lake and go up to Fournier Peak, from where we will be able to close the loop passing at the Cole de Bousson.

The idea is very interesting and appeal us, but first we have to overcome today’s first obstacle: it’s time to wear our hated snowshoes. For our friend, Danilo, this is the first time and everybody knows, as the first time, even this one gives his some performance stress. But it goes away fast and we begin to go up, stright to the peak.

Obviously, we immediately take the wrong direction, but our Osmand GPS navigator APP– really a must have, so important we will soon talk about it in a post of its own – helps us to get on the right way once again. It is something everybody has to have.

Cima Fournier

The nice day let us see the french peaks in their full beauty, so wonderful!

While we climb towards the peak, the show that is little by little opening in front of us, leaves us speachless. The Rochebrune Peak and its majestic 3.320 meters on the right, towering over the other peaks. With the help of Peak Finder – another useful app, but just to satisfy some curiosity – we are able to identify all the peaks around us.

Cima Fournier

Peak Finder helps you to satisfy your curiosity and discover the landscape

We are just some meters below the top and then we could say to have conquered another peak, just a little more effort.

Some steps more and we get to our destination. The landscape you can enjoy from the 2.424 meter of Fournier Peak is totally relaxing, there is no wind and the sun is warming us up and tanning – well, I will be aware of how much it also burns just once home, mostly because I have no sunscreen on – and the white cloak covering the whole valley.

We are not alone on the top, other 4 people are there, all of them mountain skiers. Actually, is really a shame not to have a snowboard or a pair of ski with us, it would have been amazing to surf down this slope. It will be something to remind for the next winter.

Cima Fournier

The last steps and we are on Fournier Peak: the plan change has totally rewarded us

Since we decided to walk the whole loop, the path back home is not the same as the one we walked on the way in, it’s nice to see different places during the same walk.

As todl by the two old wise men, we walk towards the Col de Bousson and now it is very easy since we have already made our way up and now is all downward. We walk easily and the mountain is all for ourselves. Yep, saturday is a great day to come up here, tomorrow it will probably be crowded and we will not be alone or one second, and even if happiness is better when shared, the pace and silence of this day is really amazing.

But there is another really important thing: the cold beer waiting for us at the Capanna Mautino Refuge, the one we missed on our way in!

Cima Fournier

The show of hte Monti della Luna, while we walk towards the Col de Bousson

And right here at the refuge, we meet all the people we have avoided with our detour from the beaten track: they are all seated at the picnic tables of the refuge, eating and drinking, many of them arrived here with the snomobiles or the snowcats.

In the end, we order our lunch and enjoy a well deserved cold beer in the sun. 1.000 meters heightdrop in less than 3 hour hike, with snowshoes on, make you pretty hungry!

Cima Fournier

The Capanna Mautino Refuge under a hot sun of a ending of march day

Satisfied and with full tummies, we walk the last part of the trail to get back to the car. A nice day with a friend.

AP…and for this time, A stays for Attilio 😉

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