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North America


Three months wandering around in Western Canada. We begun with a Road Trip crossing the Rockies, then a long trip to the Far West, towards Vancouver, and then the endless prairies of this magical land.

Montana and California: parks, deserts and mountains. Up in the North at first, for a short but stunning Road Trip, then down South with a longer, amazing Road Trip among some of the best parks in America.


Estate in viaggio. Venti e più giorni di Road Trip in giro attraverso 4 stati, 6.000 chilometri percorsi in macchina e molti altri a piedi, unica fedele compagna di viaggio, la nostra tenda.


Low season, great time: we have been around discovering the Denmark of danish people, up to the northernmost poing and in the little almost deserted towns, living with the danish and discovering their lives in this end of winter.


Just a weekend-long trip, but it has been enough to let us fall deeply in love with this green land of the strong contrasts. Islands and cliffs facing the blue ocean, we discovered Western Ireland.


The first visit of a long series in this warm and cozy city, walking around in its crowded narrow streets, watchin the many natural and architectural beauties, some worldwide known, other such local places.